Monday, 5 July 2010


Hi, I am a young artist working in Belfast, Ireland.  I was 13 when I started learning the techniques involved in Celtic Art and some of the pieces from which the prints are produced date from that time.  I work with lots of different materials - some of them conventional: paper, wood, ink, well as unconventional: flame, slate and metals. 

Some designs are updated from the Book of Kells, and some are my own.  I try to bring this ancient, mystical form of art and present it in products which are modern, sophisticated and striking (in a good way.)

  There is a lot of cheaply-made, mass produced, tacky celtic art out there - don't worry, I hate it as much as everyone else!  The stuff I create is honest, hopefully it is beautiful and hopefully something you would love to have in your homes.

Thank you for visiting, this is still in its early stages!


I am having an exhibition in the Wickerman, on the Highstreet in Belfast.  This will continue through November.


If you would like a special handmade piece made for a loved one or to commemorate an event contact me at